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Rubix Drums Brings Further Brands to The UK Drum Show

today9 December, 2021


Rubix Drums is the latest distributor to announce their participation at The UK Drum Show taking place in its larger home, the ACC Liverpool, on the 2 & 3 April 2022.

Rubix, not having exhibited before, joins several new exhibitors uniting in Liverpool following previous news of the show being expanded to accomodate new exhibitors and companies wishing to increase the booth sizes. The UK Drum Show returns after an absence of two years due to COVID restrictions.

Rubix represent the following companies, bringing further brands for guests to try and buy and says:

Dialtune- Experience a tuning range and ease like you’ve never seen before. Dialtune is a capable tuning system that allows you to tune on the fly before and change drumheads in under a minute. Explore new creative possibilities with zero compromises.

Snareweight- Snareweight is the fastest way to get your snare drum sounding its best. Offering the M80, M1b and solid brass #5 drum dampening systems, there’s a quality option for everyone, regardless of their budget.

Canopus Drums- Designed to be different. Canopus, from Japan and named after a lucky star, offer the absolute pinnacle in drum manufacture. With their ‘Regular’, ‘Vintage’ and ‘R&D’ lines, Canopus are able to give you exactly the sound you hear in your head.

Canopus Accessories- Canopus offer some of the most unique and sought after accessories in the drum industry. You won’t find any fads here – Canopus accessories give the modern drummer a real opportunity to get the most out of their equipment in terms of sound, performance and usability.

RimRiser- Get the perfect cross-stick sound every time. With RimRisers cross-stick enhancers, available in maple and chrome, cross-stick playing becomes easier and drummers are able to perform difficult rim-click patterns freely.

Oruga- Innovative drum effects designed and made in Argentina. Creating an amazing yet different sound with products that are easy to use on cymbals or drums.

Zyn- Zyn Cymbals: your answer to modern vintage. Skilfully handcrafted at every step in Turkey using elements of cymbal-making even the most traditional cymbal companies have abandoned. Zyn’s stand out with an appearance that will appeal to drummers who like dirt and blemishes.

Rohema- A team, grown from a family company. Rohema make the most precise and consistent drumsticks you’ve ever played. United by tradition, their passion for their products and their will to try new and innovative ways of production. Creating drumsticks, batons and kids percussion.

Vintage Soul- Where yesterday’s sounds and craftsmanship meet cutting edge technology. Made in the outskirts of Istanbul. Combining the warmth traditionally associated with hand hammered cymbals with a more modern presence that makes this range of cymbals sonically pleasing for modern drummers.

INDe- Every component is designed with the goal of simplicity, efficiency and performance. Started in 2015 in order to serve drummers with better-designed drums, built in the USA, and marketed with honesty and integrity. Designed from the ground up with the science of sound in mind.

Schagerl- “Not all drums are the same”. Manufactured by hand. Within a multi-year development process, each drum was tested and optimised from the choice of material, to the perfect design and shape with renowned musicians and professors. The result is an outstanding sound experience, which leads to a new dimension in the world of drumming.

Rubix Vintage- Rubix fine picks their vintage drums in partnership with Steve Maxwell in the USA. Rubix are extremely proud of the range of vintage drums they have available. When getting vintage drums from Rubix, you are getting a piece of history.

Businesses wishing to exhibit at either The UK Drum Show, The UK Bass Guitar Show, The UK Electric Guitar Show or The UK Acoustic Guitar Show should contact Gold Media & Events Ltd

Gold Media & Events 07717 404 243 or email

Written by: The UK Drum Show

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