Education Room

Education Room

Education Room with Mike Johnston

Following his outstanding appearance at The UK Drum Show back in 2018, we’re massively excited to welcome back the incredible Mike Johnston to The UK Drum Show 2020, where not only will he be bringing his immense skills to our main stage once again but also joining The UK Drum Show team as the resident host of our new Education Room.

This new feature for 2020 (and beyond) will see Mike along with world-class drum educators, Anika Nilles and Eddy Thrower at the very top of their game, delivering FREE lessons over the course of the weekend, giving visitors the chance to truly learn from the Pros. Each lesson is scheduled to last 45 minutes, and places are strictly limited to just 150 per session. Pre-booking is required, with registration for places opening soon.

PLEASE NOTE that in order to partake in any of the lessons, a general admission ticket for The UK Drum Show is required.

As one of the world’s foremost drum educators, Mike Johnston needs very little introduction: he currently runs one of the world’s largest educational website for drummers,, where he offers live and pre-recorded drum lessons. He also hosts 10 drum camps each year at the studio in Folsom California. Alongside this, Mike has taught and performed at hundreds of clinics and drum festivals over the past 13 years including the Meinl Drum Festival, P.A.S.I.C., The UK Drum Show, The LaBag Show in Paris, and countless others.

Book now for the artists below for a Saturday or Sunday lesson. *Lessons are free subject to availability – General Admission Ticket required to secure lesson. Both can be ordered on the links below each artist.

Mike Johnston - PROFILE

Mike Johnston

From The Page to the Gig - How to use what you practice

In today’s age of endless video content and instructional material, having enough stuff to practice is definitely not an issue. Knowing HOW to practice that material properly is a much bigger issue. In this masterclass I will outline a step by step process to insure that the notes on the page actually make their way into your usable drumming vocabulary, and that they show up when the moment counts. I can’t wait to share this concept with you all!

Tickets can be purchased with a General Admission ticket

Both lessons at 11.15am

Eddy Thrower Drummer

Eddy Thrower

How One Pattern Changed my Life

For example the 6 stroke roll for, this was the first rudiment I started to move around the kit and really focus on and it completely changed the game for me! I was so used to playing singles and using a double bass drum I thought that would be me for the rest of my career. I always used to see players online and wonder “WHAT are they doing”?! Once I sat down with the 6 stroke roll my creativity improved, my technique, speed, control etc. I can’t wait to show you my personal variations of this common rudiment!

Tickets can be purchased with a General Admission ticket

Both lessons at 12.45pm

Anika Nilles - PROFILE

Anika Nilles

Innovative Playing - Building Your Creativity on the Drums

This masterclass is a big breakdown on how to create grooves and fills in an innovative way. Breaking out of your standard movements on the kit and refresh those with new ideas such as exploring the drums from different perspectives will be a big part of this class. You’ll get a bunch of tools which are helpful to liberate your imagination and creativity finding your own voice on the drums.

Tickets can be purchased with a General Admission ticket

Saturday lessons are at 5.15pm
Sunday lessons are at 3.45pm