Heading into 2022 Drummers Brainchild will be offering more and more products and resources online. Like the new BEAT WRITER, and the DRUMMERS BRUSH HOLDER MK2.

The handy floor-tom accessories mount

The Leg-Up attaches to the leg of your floor tom.  In fact, it will attach to any pole up to 12/7mm (half inch) in diameter, so that’s also a tom arm or a boom arm – cool right?

Then the long double bent knurled rod will enable you to perfectly position things like cowbells, tambourines, electronic pads, mountable metronomes etc. etc.

The low mass bracket is super easy to position around the kit, and the stainless-steel rod is a beautiful piece of precision engineering.

More info HERE

See Drummers Brainchild at The UK Drum Show 2022.



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