Organisers of The UK Drum Show are pleased to announce Tamburo Drums, as a further new exhibit, when the show returns at the ACC Liverpool on the 2 & 3 April 2022.

Much more than ordinary drums. Tamburo is a special mix of pure passion for sound and authentic Italian Craftsmanship.

A dream born in 1982 from the inspiration of the Master Tullio Granatello and which today – thanks to the synergy with Proel – continues to fascinate percussionists from all over the world. Tullio introduced a new construction technique, never seen before: the technology of solid wood stave shell. A new way to conduct the sound, a unique feature in the drums’ world, now as then. That’s why in a short time Tamburo became increasingly popular all around the world and appreciated by lots of drummers.

Tamburo works everyday with passion studying and re-designing drums. The R&D team constantly works to develop new products with cutting edge materials and techniques in an attempt to meet modern global market demands. TAMBURO has never lost sight of its identity, nor the importance of the workshop opened in Novara back in 1982.

We pursue a pure passion for sound, evolutionary techniques and ITALIAN Design and Craftsmanship.






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