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Rockschool Joins Exhibitors at The UK Drum Show 2024

today17 June, 2024


The original fire keeps beating on! In the UK, in 1991, Rockschool became the original way to study and gain a qualification in rock, pop and contemporary music. Now, Rockschool do that in over 60 countries across the globe. Their Guitar, Bass & Drums syllabuses started it all, and in 2024, Rockschool are releasing the biggest update for these innovative syllabuses, and they can’t wait to share them with you at the UK Drum Show!

RSL Awards is an internationally renowned awarding organisation recognised for its groundbreaking approach to music and creative arts education. For over 30 years, RSL Awards has been at the forefront of creating qualifications that cater specifically to the needs of instrumental teachers up-and-coming performers. Rockschool grades, RSL’s suite of innovative music qualifications, have been meticulously crafted by specialists to provide comprehensive training across a range of instruments. These qualifications are designed to inspire and challenge musicians, fostering both technical proficiency and creative expression, whilst providing teachers with a structure to aid their content delivery.

Since 1991, Rockschool has been renowned for providing drummers with the skills they need to become outstanding musicians. The underlying pedagogy behind Rockschool Drums is progressive mastery. Simply put, this means breaking complex activities into small chunks and using assessment to help all students understand when they’ve achieved the goals set. Musicians have been learning this way through benchmarked achievement for over 100 years, but Rockschool believe its modern approach makes it really engaging. Teachers who use their material and assessment services attest to this all over the world.

One of the standout features of Rockschool’s approach is its dedication to practical, hands-on learning. Drummers from around the world have used Rockschool syllabuses to develop their skills and explore various contemporary music genres. Rockschool grades include an array of essential techniques and styles, enabling drummers to find their groove and master everything from rock and pop to jazz, funk, metal, indie and hiphop. By working through graded exams, students progressively build their expertise and confidence, ensuring they are well-prepared for the demands of any live performance and studio recording.

This year, Rockschool continues to revolutionise music education with the new Rockschool Drums syllabus. Rockschool Drums is packed with refreshed repertoire, brand new original arrangements and upgraded technology, allowing drummers to learn, teach, and jam with their friends like never before.

RSL Awards can be found in over 60 countries with three subsidiary offices in China, India and Spain, and a team of over 150 highly trained and certified global examiners, assessors and moderators help deliver 100,000 qualifications annually.

Rockschool qualifications are regulated by all four UK regulatory bodies; England (Ofqual), Wales (Qualification Wales), Northern Ireland (CCEA), and Scotland (SQA), with all successful level 3 exams (Grades 6–8) being awarded UCAS points, bolstering university applications.

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