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Tamburo Drums host UK Showcase Day

today4 January, 2022


Back in November 2021, the Drummer’s Review team had the privilege of being invited to Soho, London, to join Tamburo Drums as they showcased their range of instruments at their inaugural exclusive dealer and artist event.

Tamburo Drums was the brain-child of Italian Drumming innovator Tullio Granatello who, back in 1981, began his drum-building journey by constructing the world’s first solid wood stave shell kit: a version of which is still a main stay of Tamburo’s range of instruments today. From here, Tamburo was officially launched as a full drum brand in 1984, becoming quickly recognised in both their native Italy as well as worldwide, with their long-standing partnership with distributors Proel, who they joined in 1997, helping to expand the brand and cement their reputation as a premium drum brand.

Tamburo - Volume Series
Tamburo – Volume Series

At their event, Tamburo featured kits from all of their ranges, including their hand-made flagship Opera Series, Unika Series and Volume Series, as well as their Formula Series and T5 Series, with the team from Tamburo on-hand to showcase each product and answer any questions that invitees had. 

Tamburo - T5 Series
Tamburo – T5 Series

We caught up with Alex Paulini from Tamburo and started by asking him what made Tamburo stand out from other brands? “Tamburo Drums distinguishes itself from the traditional production of acoustic drums in the design and construction of the drum shells, lugs and bass drum hoops, with elements that make our “Made in Italy” products absolutely original through design, research and a pure passion for sound. In our 40 years of history, the research of Tamburo Drums merges its philosophy and vision in the search for sound, including how it’s generated and the best ways to achieve the best results. This research became a fundamental approach for the design and development of Ideas, which translates into unique products characterized by the high-quality standards of our drums.” 

Tamburo - Unika Series
Tamburo – Unika Series

Alex continued: “Tamburo UK day was a special event created to tell industry insiders that Tamburo Drums is here with something new, which comes from the past and looks towards the future. It was nice to share our point of view and our philosophy which is then represented by our products. We got an excellent result, especially given the high feedback of our Hand Made In Italy products and our Designed In Italy products. It was so cool! As a result of the event, we are working on a new strategy useful to define our direct relationship with UK Dealers. We are working on a great team, let me say a ‘Family’ who are working to build a solid business relationship in the UK.”

Tamburo - Formula Series
Tamburo – Formula Series 

With such a strong heritage, we wondered what Tamburo’s vision for the future is? “2022 will be the perfect year to define our global positioning. We have a very good business in Italy as you can imagine, and 2021 was a very important year for Tamburo Drums because we have achieved good results in many countries around the world. Last month, the Drum Center of Potrtsmouth (US) placed Tamburo Opera in third place among the 10 best drums in the world…the acrylic Volume series featured on Drumeo…now is the time! We want share our philosophy and we want to hear the Tamburo sound all around the world!”

Many thanks to Alex and the entire team at Tamburo & Proel for their hospitality. Be sure to check back with Drummer’s Review in the coming months when the team will be spending some quality time with a range of Tamburo kits and snares, as well as checking out Tamburo when they join us at The UK Drum Show at Liverpool ACC on 2nd & 3rd April 2022.


Written by: The UK Drum Show

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