Launching in early 2020, the new Hi-Lo percussion range from Halilit features innovative styling and amazing sounds that are perfect for studio or stage. The unique offering from each item in the range is the ability to vary the pitch with a simple adjustment of the player’s grip.


Durable and available in a variety of vibrant colours, Hi-Lo offers a new twist to many classic instruments. Key items in the range include the Hi-Lo Tambourine, strong, durable and comfortable to hold, this compact multi-tone tambourine produces a fantastic range of sounds that belie its size and price. With innovative internal shock absorbers to minimize impact on the wrist and a hollow handle that doubles as a resonator, the Hi Lo Tambourine is packed with technical features that make it stand out from the crowd. Another highlight of the range is the compact Shaker which adds amazing depth to any musical style with two flexible skins that provide easy single-handed playing and produce a myriad of rhythmic effects. Alongside these, the range also features Maracas, Guiro, Agogo, Vibra and Egg Shakers in addition to a Stage Pack containing an assortment of the whole range. Hi-Lo will launch in the Spring and will be exhibited at the UK Drum Show in September where Scorpions Percussionist Pitti Hecht will be on the stand doing demos and encouraging all visiting percussionists to try Hi-Lo for themselves!