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Latin Percussion Debuts Tambo-Stick & Tambo-Rings

today2 June, 2021


Latin Percussion (LP) continue to innovative with the launch of two new percussive accessories: the LP Tambo-Rings and Tambo-Stick.

With the LP Tambo-Rings drummers and percussionists can add subtle jingle to their sonic palette. Available in two sizes, the rings are finished in a choice of black sand or stainless steel and jingles come in either brass or galvanized steel. The smaller, 6″ Tambo-Ring has five pairs of jingles and when laid over hi hats or cymbals offers a cool sizzle effect that is dry and raw. The larger, 14” Tambo-Ring features 15 pairs of jingles and adds another dynamic to grooves when used on hi-hats, cymbals, snares, toms and timbales. See the Tambo-Rings demonstrated by Stanton Moore here. The full LP Tambo-Ring range is:

LP3806BGA 6-Inch Tambo-Ring – Black Sand with Galvanized Steel Jingles
LP3814BGA 14-Inch Tambo-Ring – Black Sand with Galvanized Steel Jingles
LP3806SBS 6-Inch Tambo-Ring – Stainless Steel with Brass Jingles
LP3814SBS 14-Inch Tambo-Ring – Stainless Steel with Brass Jingles

Inspired and developed with Stanton Moore, the LP Tambo-Stick (LP9001) offers a different sound to a beatmaker’s grooves. The well balanced, 14″ solid maple stick has a natural satin finish and two pairs of steel jingles. The larger diameter front end provides added weight to enhance the instrument’s balance, improve durability and aide articulation. The tapered back fits comfortably in the hand while the central, pyrolyzed LP logo acts as a guide placing the jingles in the best alignment when played. The LP Tambo-Stick is designed to offer drummers and percussionists just the right amount of musical color to their sound. See the Tambo-Stick demonstrated by Stanton Moore here.

Stanton Moore commented “I’m really digging the new Tambo-Stick as it not only sounds great but feels really good to play too, and the Tambo-Rings really add a cool jingle tambourine texture to the kit.

To find out more about the new Tambo-Rings, Tambo-Stick and other LP products, please go to


Written by: The UK Drum Show

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