The ‘Lite’ series have a long tradition at SONOR. In 1983 the ‘SONORLITE’ series was presented, followed in 1988 by ‘HiLite’ and then in 2000 the ‘Delite’ series, which was finally replaced in 2012 by the ProLite series. All SONOR ‘Lite’ series have become classics and are appreciated by drummers around the world for their incomparable SONOR sound.

Now SONOR has announced a raft of changes for the series, with new finishes and configurations designed to meet the demands of today’s drummers. Unchanged remains the characteristic sound of the Vintage Maple Shell and the high-quality shell hardware, which differs only slightly from the custom flagship line SQ².

ProLite Fiery Red

SONOR states: “Whenever superstars like Gavin Harrison, Jost Nickel and Aaron Spears travel around the world and can not bring their personal SONOR set with them, they know they can rely on the ProLite sound.”

New colours include Elder Tree, Fiery Red, Snow Tiger, which join Chocolate Burl, Ebony White Stripes, Nussbaum which remain available.

New shell sizes/sets:

PL 320: 20“x16“ BD, 12“x8“ TT, 14“x14“ FT

PL 322: 22”x16” BD, 12”x8” TT, 16”x16” FT

All matching single drums are available separately. Bass drums can be supplied with or without mount.

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