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PaulE Drums ‘Bon-E’ on display at The UK Drum Show

today11 January, 2022


“The PaulE Drums ‘Bon-E’ is the most versatile accessory ever to be attached to the top of a hi-hat because it’s both a ching-ring and a wood-block!,” says creator PaulE. Use it to give added ‘ching’ when you step on your pedal, use it as a block when you hit it with your stick, or both. The head is my trademark Baltic Birch ply and the stave frame can be made from a large variety of hardwoods. I prefer to use light weight woods since it’s going to add some weight to your hi-hat.

The original ‘Bon-E’ is round with a 6″ diameter and eight sets of jingles, as seen in Terry Bozzio’s DW mini kit nearly a decade ago. I also make a 6″ ‘Half Moon ­E’ design used by Fredo Ortiz and Megan Mullins which comes with five sets of jingles. Now new for 2022 is the 4.5″ ‘Min-E’ used by Drumbitious Mirna A that comes with four sets of jingles. You can choose from a variety of metal jingles and now they are available with custom jingles handmade by cymbalsmith Matt Nolan for an even more diverse assortment of sounds. The jingles are removable, interchangeable, and replacable. A hi-hat clutch makes it quick and easy to attach and to remove.

John Bonham was my inspiration for the ‘Bon-E’ because he was the first drummer I saw using a metal ching-ring, thus the name ‘Bon-E’. Then I created my design with mytrademark Baltic Birch ply head and staveframe to make the ‘Bon-E’ the most versatilehi-hat accessory available. Please go to or @pauledrums on lnstagram for more info and7 to order your ownchoice of wood and jingle configuration.

Quotes from endorsees…

Terry Bozzio says on Drum Channel “My buddy PaulE makes this wood tambourine jingle attachment for your hi-hat that I really like, he makes great things out of wood”.

Drumbitous Mirna A writes “My ‘Min-E’ provides a subtle addition that’s not too noisy and over powering to the rest of the drum set. It can be played to provide a range of dynamics with the drum sticks or the hi-hat pedal”.

Written by: The UK Drum Show

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