PaulE Drums is extremely excited to be back at The UK Drum Show this year where he will be debuting his latest design called ‘The Tope-E’.

The Tope-E is a foot tambourine which was originally designed this summer for Adam Topol, the long time drummer for Jack Johnson. Adam asked for a flat board with jingles on it that he could place on the ground when he played Cajon or Congas, something he could step on to get a ‘ching’ sound as accompaniment to the drums.

PaulE came up with a design that is actually two pieces of wood(Oak) with a block on the one end which achieves separation between the top and bottom boards. The top board has six jingles on the opposite end and is design to not only give that ching sound but can also to provide a ‘click’ sound when stomped on hard enough for the top board to make contact with the bottom board. The bottom board has four rubber feet so it stays in place when you step on it with your foot. With a soft tap you only get the ching but with a harder stomp you also get the click sound, like a clave. PaulE and Adam were so excited by the prototype that PaulE decided to make some minor adjustments and to start producing The Tope-E, which will be available at The UK Drum Show 2023.

PaulE has been creating unique boutique percussion instruments for over thirty years, many of which will be on display and available for purchase at the PaulE Drums booth ‘L1’ in the lobby of this years show. So please stop by and see why so many top drummers, such as Adam and Terry Bozzio, consider PaulE Drums to be ‘The Art Of Percussion’.