Once a visitor to last years show, Soundhoops join further new exhibitors at The UK Drum Show – Manchester 2018!

During his time as a drummer for over 35 years, co-founder /owner Apostolos Zaios, faced problems with microphones when playing being hit and clamps that fall down..
However, working with co-founder/ owner Nikolaos Zaios a solution was found and Soundhoops was born!

After some years of development, with a lot of prototypes and with a lot of tests in studios and laboratories, the Soundhoops Company was founded in October 2015.

Meanwhile Soundhoops are with bands on tour and they have also been used for studio productions and live for a musical.

This shows the great bandwidth of the Soundhoops and the many ways they can be used.

Besides the special sound that you get, there are a lot of more benefits by using the Soundhoops.


  • Best possible protection for the microphones
  • Very close position for picking up the sound and therefore clear sound even when hitting the rim
  • Short set up and dismantling times because of plug and play
  • Clean optic of a drum kit without tripods or clamps
  • You can choose out of 3 different microphones to have your favorite sound ( a Soundhoops own brand microphone is coming in the beginning of 2018)


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