The Lounge Masterclasses

Masterclasses with Emma Taylor & Ciara Chinniah

Emma Taylor

Hit Like A Girl, Stick Together, Alpyne Music and Sounds Like Emma have announced the joint development of “The Drummer’s Songbook” – a new drum education project that features an integrated approach to teaching classic drum beats and the fundamentals of musicianship at the same time.

In the first group of Songbook lessons, acclaimed drum instructor Emma Taylor breaks down nine classic rock and pop songs – three each by The Beatles, Foo Fighters and Michael Jackson. Emma not only dissects, demonstrates and discusses the drum patterns for each song, she also covers some of the musical principles behind the beats, such as form, taste, interpretation, improvisation and more. Each lesson also includes a YouTube playlist with time stamps and links to the original recordings.

“In addition to teaching the authentic drum parts to historic songs, we’re giving drummers a deeper understanding of the underlying musical concepts and context in which the rhythms were created,” Emma explains. “How and why those drummers played those parts is just as important as what they played. And, by referencing multiple songs in a ‘songbook’ format, we’re also able to offer a more complete picture of the contributions these drummers made.”

Soon to be released, “The Drummer’s Songbook” will be available on Tiktok, Instagram and youtube as well as the and websites.

Ciara Chinniah

Ciara’s Masterclass is called ODDTIMES MADE EASY and is about making odd time signatures easy and fun to play.