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Introducing: The Original Magnetic Drummers Brush Holder from Drummers Brainchild Ltd.

today3 March, 2022


The patented Magnetic Original Drummers Brush Holder from Drummers Brainchild uses a strong magnetic field to hold wire brushes ready for use with the handles suspended in mid-air. This allows the user to easily place and retrieve brushes for easy changeovers. Neodymium magnets are embedded in the beautiful 140mm square holding plate, which is in turn connected to a versatile solid steel mounting bracket that fits numerous drum mounts and hardware including tom-arms, cowbell mounts, cymbal booms, floor tom legs and more. The unit is built to last, not ‘made to a price’, this is a ‘buy once and last forever’ product.

The Original Magnetic Drummers Brush Holder is one of the best and most clever accessory items I have ever used at the drum kit. Whether “live” or in the studio, with a jazz combo or symphonic orchestra, I can switch from brushes to sticks and back again with confidence and ease.Peter Erskine.

This device is a MUST for anyone who uses wire brushes, whether for acoustic gigs, jazz numbers, orchestra-pit shows, or studio sessions. The Original Magnetic Drummers Brush Holder makes switching to brushes easier, quicker, and simpler.

Following the success of the first design (“Magnobuddy” 2018), the new design has a few improvements. It has a bigger holding plate for the brush fans, it is easier to mount on either half inch (12.7mm) or 3/8ths inch (9.5mm) hardware and is built to last from higher quality materials.

Original Magnetic Drummers Brush Holder

This product joins other offerings from Drummers Brainchild – the Leg-Up floor tom accessories mount, and the best selling Cymbomute cymbal mutes. All are available either direct from or from Amazon (.com &

The Original Magnetic Drummers Brush Holder retails at £69.99, around the same price as two good pairs of brushes, or a mid-range drum stool.

For more information on all Drummers Brainchild products,
visit: as well as visiting them on Stand A31 at The UK Drum Show – 2 & 3 April at ACC Liverpool. 

Written by: The UK Drum Show

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