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Zildjian return to The UK Drum Show 2019 with their all new FX Line and more…

today29 January, 2019


The Avedis Zildjian Company has announced the relaunch of the Zildjian fx line with the unveiling of fx Stacks and the 22” fx Oriental Crash of Doom. The new fx cymbals have been crafted to meet the demands of today’s popular music, and the desire of drummers to create unique, and alternative accents to their sound.

The new Zildjian fx Stacks are the latest in innovative design, providing drummers with the ability to easily transition from a stack to traditional Hi Hats with the use of an exclusive Zildjian Cymbolt mount. Drummers now have the freedom to explore a variety of pitches and sounds in one versatile cymbal pair – transitioning from bright, fast, and cutting, to trashy and raw, simply by changing the set-up or adjusting the wing nut. The fx Stack cymbal pair are available in 8”, 10”, 12”, 14” and 16” sizes.

The new 22” fx Oriental Crash of Doom continues to offer the dark, explosive, monstrous sound that characterized the popular 20” size. Ultra-trashy, low pitched, and featuring an immediate, explosive attack and a long, full-bodied sustain for that “one of a kind” monster crash sound, the fx Oriental Crash of Doom features a traditional finish and a thin weight.

K Cluster Crash

Zildjian has also announced the extension of the K family of cymbals with the introduction of the new K Cluster Crashes and the addition of the new 14” K Sweet Hi Hats. These new additions complement the more traditional K family cymbals and offer a broader range in dark, alternative sounds.

The new K Cluster Crashes venture into new sound colors that are dark, funky, and trashy, filling the drummer’s need for alternative sounds. The KCluster Crashes feature the traditional K style hammering technique with additional “cluster” hammer marks. They are extra thin in weight and include an unlathed bell for greater tonal spread and additional sound frequencies. These cymbals are available in 16”, 18” and 20” models. ”The KCluster crashes are that alternative sound that drummers are looking for, something different than the norm. These Cluster crashes cymbals respondquickly and have a raw, trashy sound that’s perfect for drummers who want to be little different,” says Victor Filonovich, Cymbals Category Manager for Zildjian.

Zildjian Chroma Sticks

Elsewhere, Zildjian has introduced the first-ever, metallic painted drumsticks in the market, the Zildjian Chroma Series drumsticks. This new series builds on the success of Zildjian’s colour-dipped stick options, and responds to the drummer’s need for sticks that are reliable, and command attention.

The new Zildjian Chroma Series drumsticks are finished with a pearlescent paint that interacts with light sources for a one-of-a-kind dazzling look. The sticks will be launching with four metallic finishes: Chroma Blue, Chroma Pink, Chroma Silver, and Chroma Gold. The Chroma Series isavailable in Zildjian’s recently redesigned 5A profile, 16” in length and .560” in diameter, and is an American hickory stick with an oval, wood tip.

“We couldn’t be more excited about these show stopping new colors,” says Andy Tamulynas, Drumsticks and Mallets Category Manager at Zildjian.“Not only are these the first metallic painted sticks on the market, but they stand on the shoulders of last year’s redesign of the classic Zildjian 5A.”

Zildjian IEM’s

Finally, the company has also introduced the Zildjian Professional In Ear Monitor. The monitors are designed to deliver high quality sound for musicians on stage, in the studio, or practice.

This launch marks the first release of in-ear monitors from Zildjian. These monitors are built with a Dual Dynamic Driver that delivers a smooth frequency response for all listening applications. They include both medium and large, premium, soft silicone SpinFitTM ear tips that provide increased noise isolation as a result of their ergonomic design, yielding better audio performance and lasting comfort. A 1⁄4” adapter and cleaningtool are also included as a part of the round carrying case that holds the monitors.

“The new Zildjian In-Ear Monitors provide musicians a universal fit monitoring solution with sound characteristics of a round low end, a detailed mid- range and smooth high end,” says Mike Sutton, Accessories and Electronic Percussion Category Manager at Zildjian. “Plus with the use of the SpinFit ear tips which have a 360 degree range of motion, you will have better comfort and isolation versus traditional ear tips.”

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