Here is a review from our sister site Drummers Review of a selection of Zildjian fx Stack hats, Zildjian will be at The UK Drum Show 2021 September 25th and 26th!


  • preconfigured stacks in diameters ranging from 8″ – 16″,
  • lightweight top cymbals coupled with cold-rolled steel bottoms,
  • included Cymbolt mounting system.

Zildjian says…“The new Zildjian fx Stacks allow drummers to explore a variety of pitches and quick, brilliant staccato sounds in one versatile cymbal pair. Using the exclusive Cymbolt mount, easily switch from a stack to a traditional Hi Hat setup, transitioning from bright, fast, and cutting sounds to trashy and raw, simply by adjusting the wingnut.  The fx Stack cymbal pairs are available in 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″ and 16″ sizes.”

Find out our thoughts in the video above!!

RRP: £99.00 – £189.00 (approx.)