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Get Wicked at The UK Drum Show 2022

today7 March, 2022

Wicked Quiet Baffles are a sleek and un-intrusive solution to help you control cymbal wash and overall volume while on stage or in rehearsal, without the use of bulky and distracting drum screens which create a physical barrier disconnecting you from the rest of your band and the audience.

Made from polycarbonate which is a scratch resistant material 200 times stronger than glass and finished with a PVC grommet to protect the centre hole, these baffles are built to last. The standard baffle size Wicked Quiet produce is 22″ which fits into most cymbal cases making them easy to transport safely.

Wicked Quiet Baffles can be mounted onto cymbal stands as standard or microphone stands, with the use of a universal ball joint mount.
The modular aspect of baffles means you can adjust the location of each screen around your set up to meet your specific needs from stage to stage.

Although Baffles are a great solution to helping reduce cymbal wash why not try them out on the rest of your band, guitar amps, horn and string sections can also benefit from Wicked Quiet keeping your onstage stage level low.
See Wicked Quiet Baffles at The UK Drum Show – ACC Liverpool 2 & 3 April 2022.

Written by: The UK Drum Show

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