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The GEWA G3 – Born To Play!

today15 November, 2022


Following the highly anticipated launch of the flagship G9 Drum Workstation and continuing with the successful introduction of the G5 E-Drum Series, November 1st, 2022—GEWA Digital Drums announced the new GEWA G3 SERIES. The kit consists of a five-piece pad configuration and is aimed at everyone—from beginning students to advanced drummers—offering no compromise on sound, playability, and connectivity, but it comes in at a lower price than its predecessors. It’s the perfect companion for home or studio use and is even compact enough to be used as a practice kit!

High-resolution sound library with 901 sounds.
An outstanding feature of the GEWA G3 is the sound library. The player has 40 high-resolution drum kit presets at their disposal, with up to an impressive 901 sounds! All sounds were recorded at the legendary Funkhaus Studios in Berlin and use up to 1,000 samples per instrument. What’s more—these sounds are identical to those of the flagship GEWA G9 Drum Workstation!

Real feel
The GEWA G3 uses the same trigger technology (and, therefore, has the same playability!) as the GEWA G9 and GEWA G5 series.

The G3 configuration includes: 1x 10” kick pad, 3x 10″ tom pads, a 12″ snare pad, a 14″ crash, an 18″ ride, and a 14″ hi-hat.

All cymbals–including the hi-hats*—feature three zones, a 360° playing surface that can be choked at the edges (*The 3-zone hi-hats are unique to GEWA Digital Drum and are currently the only hi-hats in our industry which offer this feature!).

True simplicity
The GEWA G3 module is extremely easy to use. Turn it on, run the Setup Wizard, and you’re ready to go – BORN TO PLAY!

Configuration of the GEWA G3 Studio 5

  • Gewa G3 Drum Module G3
  • Pad Set Configuration
  • 3 x 10″ Tom Pads (2-Zone)
  • 12″ snare pad (2-Zone)
  • 10″ Kick pad
  • 14″ crash cymbal (3-zone, 360 play zone, choke function)
  • 18″ ride cymbal (3-zone, 360 play zone, choke function)
  • 14″ hi-hat cymbal (3-zone, 360 playing zone, choke function)
  • Gewa studio rack incl. GEWA hi-hat stand incl. cable and cable management

The GEWA G3 will be available in stores from mid-November at a recommended retail price of €1,899.00. More information at

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