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Remo Introduce a Wave Of New Products For 2020

today23 January, 2020


Announced at the recent NAMM show, REMO have launched a number of new products for drummer’s and percussionists for 2020…

Crown Control Gels


Crown Control Gels can be used on all drumheads, cymbals, and other hand percussion instruments that that require overtone dampening. Ideal for fatter and more controlled tones on toms and snare drums, the gels can be cut to a desired size and the non-toxic formula can be washed with soap and water to reactivate surface adhesion properties. Crown Control Gels are packaged in a stick bag friendly container and include 8 pieces.

Powerstroke P3 Colortone Heads – Now Available In 16″

Launched in 2019, Remo have expanded their Colortone offering for 2020, with the addition of new 16″ Powerstroke P3 bass drumheads available in 8 colour options. This now gives the complete range of sizes available from 16″ – 24″.

Sub Muf’l Range Expanded


Sub Muff’l, Remo’s bass drum dampening system, is now available in a 16″ size for use on compact style drum kits with a 16″ wood-hoop bass drum. Remo state this is ideal for live and studio applications to enhance the sound and punch of a 16″ bass drum. Compete range of sizes available 16″-24″.

Mondo Djembes


The new Mondo Djembe features Remo’s Skyndeep drumheads coupled with an Acousticon shell for a full-range of tuning with rich, warm bass tones and a well defined slap.

Apex Djembe



The Apex Designer Series Djembe features an ABS drum shell cover with a brilliant fabric finish and a Skyndeep head producing a focussed, dry sound. Contour tuning brackets adds comfort while a non-slip rubber folded base makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Festival Drums


Remo’s Festival Drums are designed with a lightweight, environmentally-friendly recycled drum shell and a replacement Fliptop Pre-Tuned synthetic drumhead that eliminates the need for tuning and eradicates any concerns about the weather.

Versa Drum Combo Packs


Remo’s Versa Drum Combo Packs include a Versa-Series Djembe, Timbau and Tubano all featuring Remo’s Taper-Fit Drum Coupling System drumheads that are removable and interchangeable to give them the option of being played as frame drums for optimum sound quality.

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Written by: The UK Drum Show

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