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Quantum Launch At The UK Drum Show 2022

today21 February, 2022


Following years of research and development, the Quantum Drum and Percussion Tuner (QDT) is being launched at the UK Drum Show 2022 and is poised to transform the world of drumming by providing an innovative tuner, unlike any other on the market.

It’s smart, precise giving the drummer and drum-techs the creative power to tune drums fast, be experimental, and to recall chosen sounds. It’s this magic that drives Quantum’s ambition for the QDT to become the music industry standard tuner for drum and percussion instruments.

The QDT is a revolutionary, hand-held, smart device, sturdy in design and robustly engineered. It features an adjustable dial with numbers displayed on an LCD screen indicating drum head tension. It is this that produces the desired drum sound.

Quantum’s technology enables instant recall of your favourite drum sounds and for the first time, gives the drummer the power to tune a kit in under 15 minutes, even mid-gig in darkened condition.

All drums require tuning. Drummers often find tuning stressful, time-consuming, and frustrating, leaving less time for playing and creating. Techniques and tools need innovation and technical advancement.

The Quantum Drum & Percussion Tuner is the answer. Produced in the UK and extensively tested by some amazing drummers, drum techs and retailers. Here’s their feedback:

“An absolutely astounding piece of kit. It’s magic! ” Paul Stewart: The FeelingGretch Artist

“Easily wins hands down every time against all the other competitors. It’ll save your bacon every time. I will be taking the Quantum on the Tom Jones Tour”  Gary Wallis: Mike & The Mechanics, DW Artist

“We are desperate for a tuning solution and would like to confirm we would be interested in purchasing the Quantum Drum Tuner to aid us in consistent tuning when sending drums out of the factory. ” Mel Stewart: Head of Sales & Marketing, The British Drum Company

Vincenzo Infusino:  Tumburo Drums Artist, Italy

“The Quantum Drum Tuner is an amazing piece of kit, this thing really works! It detunes and retunes drums back to the original sound.”

Footes, London: World’s Oldest UK Drum Shop

“We’re really looking forward to stocking the Quantum Drum Tuner. It’s going to be a valuable tool for drummers and for drum techs. To be able to change a whole set of heads really quickly, or for tuning your drums in situations where you can’t hear what you’re doing, the Quantum Drum Tuner will get your favourite tension in no time at all.

Written by: The UK Drum Show

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