Here is a review from our sister site Drummers Review of a selection of Paiste 2002 Series crash cymbals, Paiste will be at The UK Drum Show 2021 September 25th and 26th!



  • 18″, 19″ & 20″ crashes,
  • Handmade from B8 bronze,
  • Distinctive red logo & lettering.

Paiste says…2002 cymbals were originally introduced in 1971 to address the sound needs of the revolutionary and rapidly expanding genres in electrified rock music. The warm, bright and powerful musical energy of 2002 cymbals has since been fundamental to the sound of countless legendary rock drummers. Part of the appeal of 2002 cymbals has always been their ability to “cut through the music”, enabling drummers to set musical accents even during heavily amplified situations. With the 2002 Extreme Crash, Paiste Sound Development’s objective was to take that ability to even higher levels.”