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New Products From Remo for 2019

today4 February, 2019


REMO has recently unveiled a whole host of new products at the NAMM show 2019…

The new Adjustable Bass Drum Dampener, designed in conjunction with Dave Weckl,  is an accessory product that provides drummers the ability to add tone and feel control on any size bass drum at all tuning ranges. The dampener is clamped to the bass hoop and can be adjusted around the circumference of the bass drum without interfering with the bass drum pedal and beater. It can be used on the batter or resonant heads of the bass drum. Ideal for all drumming applications.

REMO External Bass Drum Dampener

Staying with bass drum muffling, and Remo has also introduced the new External Sub Muffl Bass Drum System. The Sub Muffl is a bass drum dampening accessory product that features a free-floating external design that works with all bass drum heads that do not have external dampening. Constructed with an external plastic profile and a slip-resistant dampening foam, the Sub Muffl allows the Drumhead full contact with the bearing edge, enabling the head and drum shell to maintain their full character of sound with additional attack and subsonic lows without frequency manipulation of glued on dampening profiles. The dampening sections slip in and out of the tray for easy adjustability in studio or live situations.

REMO Sub Muffl

The company has also expanded their line of Colortone Drumheads to include Pink and Purple featuring proprietary Skindeep Imaging Technology for a stunning visual appeal with powerful projection, tone and durability. Colortone drumheads are offered in Powerstroke77 snare, Emperor, and Powerstroke3 Bass.

The Powerstroke77 Colortone snare Drumheads are constructed with 2-plies of high-strength Mylar film with an added 5-mil Controlled Sound dot on top and a 7-mil dampening underlay ring for a powerful, focused attack. Available in sizes 13” and 14”.

The Emperor Colortone Drumheads are constructed with 2-plies of high-strength Mylar film. Available in sizes 8” through 18”.

The Powerstroke3 Bass drumheads are constructed with a single-ply 10-mil high-strength Mylar film combined with a 10-mil underlay dampening ring. Available in sizes 18” through 26”.

Remo Drums Colortone Heads – Purple

Next, Remo is expanding its popular line of Festival Drums. The Festival Bass Drum packs a punch with an abundance of low-end resonance and volume for its 14” diameter size. The lightweight Festival Bass Drum is manufactured with Remo’s proprietary Acousticon drum shell and features the Fliptop replaceable drumhead. Festival Bass Drums are equipped with a vibrant fabric wrap and carrying handle that enables you to add other smaller percussion instruments inside. The Festival Bass Drum is highly recommended by facilitators and educators for music programs with drumming protocols that include wellness, social, skill building and culturally specific drumming activities.

Elsewhere, Remo has introduced the Lock Top Drum Riser to their percussive portfolio. The Lock Top Drum Riser is designed to ergonomically position the drums playing surface at an optimum drumming height. Bass tones resonate freely as the Lock Top Drum Riser lifts the drum off the floor making playing a drum while seated more comfortable while enhancing your drumming experience. Storage is also a big feature as the Lock Top Drum Riser folds easily and can be stored in your personal bag. No other drum stand accessory can tout these versatile features that will accommodate all of the Remo Djembe, Versa and Festival Drum Brands.

REMO Lock Top Drum Riser

Staying with percussion and percussive effects, Remo is expanding their popular line of Ocean Drums. The drum is designed with a cushion dampener to reduce noise volume offering a softer, quieter sound. The double headed drum is finished with a black matte texture vinyl and Skyndeep graphic drumhead film touting a surface that can be wiped clean with box store cloth disinfectant. Nightwaves Ocean Drum is designed to help focus and stimulate the auditory senses, listen more intently to sounds like the ocean waves or flowing rivers heard in the distance without a concern for higher volume levels.

REMO Nightwaves Ocean Drum

Finally, Remo is expanding its popular line of Praise Tambourines. The Praise Tambourine features a bright open jingle tone for use in worship applications. The Praise Tambourine is lightweight and durable, constructed with an Acousticon shell and a pre-tuned graphic drumhead with a double-row 8 jingle set. The 10″ models feature a gloss white drum shell finish. Available finishes: Sharing Hands, Uplifted Hands, Reach Spirit or Celebrate Graphics.



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Written by: The UK Drum Show

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