Gretsch Drums is pleased to extend their Full Range snare drum collection with the addition of the 5×14” Black Nickel over Steel Snare drum (BNS).

The new snare is a shallower version of the highly affordable 6.5×14 BNS. Like its larger sibling it provides an ideal balance of power, sensitivity, beauty and value, all in one snare drum. The 1.2mm, 10 lug Steel Shell has a wide tuning range; from a loose, slow, dry sound to a very sharp, bold and bright attack. It features 2.5mm triple flanged hoops, an adjustable throw-off, 20 strand snare wire, Remo® Control sound drum heads, 45 degree bearing edges and a mirror-like black nickel plating as a stunning metallic finish.

Gretsch Brand Manager Andrew Shreve comments “This is such a versatile drum, perfect for live or studio playing with a crisp, bright tone which will complement a range of drumming styles and genres.”

For more information about the 5×14” Black Nickel over Steel Snare drum (S1-0514-BNS), other Gretsch drums and artists please visit