Eezzeesticks will be joining us for the first time at The UK Drum Show 2023. Eezeesticks was founded in 2019 by Tom Waters a drummer from Swansea South Wales.
The design and placement of this concept was to allow drummers easier access to their drumsticks without compromising on their playing/performance, with the Eezeesticks drumsticks holder your drumsticks are placed either side of the drummer clamped directly onto the stem of the drum stool. This will allow the drummer to reach down to the right or left hand side to grab a stick with ease and due to its telescopic arms it’s easy to adjust to the desired length. The Eezeesticks drumsticks holder also comes with optional stick attachments such as cups and pockets, both made with strong and durable materials that are long lasting. – Eezeesticks…Drum Eezee!!

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