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Dream Cymbals are excited to announce their new additions for 2017

today5 June, 2017


Dream Energy 19″ Crash, Energy 21″ Ride and Energy 21″ Crash/Ride to appear at The UK Drum Show

The new 21″ Ride and 21″ Crash/Ride are dynamic powerhouses that produce the same beautiful crisp stick articulation found in Dream’s current Energy series. The Ride is a little heavier adding control and articulation. Both cymbals remain fully crashable and will deliver a warm wave of wash if the player leans in to turn up the heat. As with all Energy Cymbals, the bells remain unlathed, raw and bright.

The new 19″ Energy Crash is a sonic powerhouse that produces an articulate punchy crash that can cut through the densest ensemble setting. The decay tapers beautifully and evenly, resetting the table nicely awaiting the next opportunity to deliver a full, crisp and cutting accent.

Dream Dark Matter 21″ Eclipse Ride

After years of experimentation, Dream are excited to unveil their Eclipse Ride. Created by combining elements of their other lines with the Dark Matter series, this versatile new half-lathed Ride features a beautifully-lathed edge that quickly transforms into a raw, charred centre and stunning bell.

The Eclipse Ride provides players with the sturdy articulation of the Dark Matter Rides paired with a bright cutting edge that is found in Dreamís Contact series, providing the player with a luscious wash. Get the best of both worlds with this exciting new Dream Cymbal. or

Written by: The UK Drum Show

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