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Adoro Added To New Exhibits For UK Drum Show 2023

today19 January, 2023


Acoustic drums and cymbals can be too loud in settings including low-volume bands and volume-sensitive venues, music classes, drum lessons, praise bands in churches, practicing at home, even warming up on stage. So, Adoro have introduced Silent Sticks, an inexpensive means with which to cut acoustic drum and cymbal volume +/-50%, even when playing at normal velocity.

Says Adoro CEO Stefan Korth: “Something is wrong when a drummer must play behind a plexiglass shield or hold back and play more lightly because others think the drums are too loud.

According to Korth, Silent Sticks have three key design features that let drummers comfortably turn down their volume without turning down their playing. Dual-Twist Reflex Tips consisting of two twisted strands of firm, yet flexible monofilament nylon rounded tightly like small hoops are permanently embedded with epoxy into the stick shafts. Instead of bouncing like the bead of a typical stick, these tips rebound by flexing, making it possible to practice quietly or play gigs at lower volumes without adjusting the velocity of the playing. Second, the air-filled shafts (16”/406mm long; 0.47”/12mm dia.) are of lightweight but shock resistant polycarbonate that absorbs the impact of the hardest strokes. They will not wear out or warp. And for a relaxed no-slip grip of the sticks and great finger control there are textured rubber X-Grips.

“Silent Sticks,” notes Korth, “eliminate the need for a plexiglass cage or any other volume reducing gear. I have a pair in my bag alongside brushes, mallets and other options. If I must turn down my volume, I grab the Silent Sticks. Even on gigs where volume isn’t a concern, if there is a quiet song, I also put my wood sticks down and play with Silent Sticks. They give me definition and tone that I cannot get with bundles or rods. And with them I’m never too loud.”

According to Korth, Adoro also offer a volume-reducing bass drum beater and even low-volume drums, news of which will be forthcoming.

About Adoro:

In addition to Silent Sticks Adoro, whose HQ is located in Hamburg, Germany, designs and produces award-winning Adoro Custom Drums, Adoro Lotus drum hardware and Adoro drumheads.

For The UK Drum Show Adoro will be displaying their stick range in conjunction with UK distributor ToneAlly.

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Written by: The UK Drum Show

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Show Opening Times

28th – 29th Sept 2024
9am – 6pm