Meinl’s Pure Alloy range is being billed as: ‘A timeless voice with an effortless touch and clean sound, allowing drummers to express themselves in virtually any style. They feature a velvety wash, combined with a full tonal spectrum, extending through all dynamic levels. The hihats cover all dynamics from a quick, responding staccato to slight sizzle, to a full bodied energy.

‘The crashes hit you with a bold punch, filled with highs, mids and lows, followed by a medium to long sustain. The rides push your sound with an upfront mix, cushioned by fundamental lows, along with a cutting bell.’

The range comprises:


PA14MH Meinl Pure Alloy 14 inch Medium HiHat Cymbal £250.00 RRP

PA15MH Meinl Pure Alloy 15 inch Medium HiHat Cymbal £278.00 RRP

Pure Alloy Crashes

PA16MC Meinl Pure Alloy 16 inch Medium Crash Cymbal £166.00 RRP

PA18MC Meinl Pure Alloy 18 inch Medium Crash Cymbal £200.00 RRP

PA20MC Meinl Pure Alloy 20 inch Medium Crash Cymbal £233.00 RRP

Pure Alloy Rides

PA20MR Meinl Pure Alloy 20 inch Medium Ride Cymbal £233.00 RRP

PA22MR Meinl Pure Alloy 22 inch Medium Ride Cymbal £278.00 RRP

The Artist Concept Models are a collection of cymbal voices, products of Meinl Cymbal Artists and the Meinl R&D team. The range consists of:

Anika Nilles Artist Concept Model

AC-BULLET Meinl Artist Concept Models Luke Holland – Bullet Stack Cymbals £283.00 RRP

AC-DEEP Meinl Artist Concept Models Anika Nilles – Deep Hats Cymbals £558.00 RRP

AC-FAT Meinl Artist Concept Models Matt Garstka – Fat Stack Cymbals £475.00 RRP

AC-SUPER Meinl Artist Concept Models Thomas Lang – Super Stack Cymbals £275.00 RRP

Thomas Lang Artist Concept Model

Finally, Meinl is launching magnetic Cymbal Tuners, offering drummers an easy way to tweak the sound of cymbals, simply by placing the magnets on the cymbal (mated up top and bottom). By positioning the Cymbal Tuners in different spots on the surface, players can control the sustain, dampen the tone, adjust the volume, and optimize the sound of a cymbal to just the way he or she likes it. The RRP is just £16.

All of the new Meinl range will be available from 1st March.

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