Louie Palmer ARTIST

Louie is appearing in association with Pearl, Meinl, Pro Mark, Evans Drum Heads and sE Microphones.

Pearl Drums
Promark by D'Addario
Evans Drumheads


Originally from London, Louie Palmer is a renowned jazz rock drummer who  currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Palmer began playing the drums at the age of 5 after being introduced to them by his father, who is also a drummer.

Palmer attended Berklee College of Music as a scholarship recipient. With a career spanning almost three decades, Palmer has performed with legendary artists such as Mike Stern, Randy Brecker, Jason Rebello, Gary Husband, Tim Lefebvre, Luis Conte, Mitch Forman, Bob Franceschini and many more.

In addition to performing, Palmer records for clients around the world from his studio in Los Angeles and he is the founder of the online drum school PlayBetterDrums.com. The school is utilized by thousands of professional and aspiring musicians from around the world to improve their ability on the drums.  

Palmer endorses Pearl drums, Meinl cymbals, Pro Mark sticks, Evans drum heads and sE microphones. 


Pearl Drums
10×7 Tom
12×8 Tom
13×9 Tom
14×14 Floor tom
16×16 Floor tom
22×14″ Bass drum
14×5 / 5.5 Snare drum
14×6.5 Snare drum

Evans Heads
Toms – UV1 on tops – clear G1 on bottoms
Snares – UV1
Bass drum – EQ4 Frosted

Meinl Byzance Cymbals
3x 22” Ride
2x 20” Crash
1x 15” Hats
1x 8” Crasher hats
1x 13” / 14” hats

Louie Palmer KIT