Eric Moore - ARTIST 2

Eric Moore is appearing in association with GEWA

Gewa Drums


The GEWA G9 team proudly presents Mr. Eric Moore to perform at the UK Drum Show.

Eric Moore is currently one of the most influential and diverse drummers. Whether he is well- known through his social media or from touring with big acts like “Suicidal Tendencies“ or Italian Pop God “Eros Ramazzotti“, some of you might have seen him perform on GEWA’s flagship digital drums, the GEWA G9.

When Eric was touring Europe in 2019 and had the chance to visit the GEWA Drums Development Hub at the GEWA music HQ in Adorf, Germany, he got an exclusive look behind the scenes and checked out the G9 concept at an early stage! Eric was more than impressed by the great team spirit and immediately wanted to become a part of the young GEWA G9 team. In collaboration with renowned artists like Jost Nickel, Ben Barter, Felix Lehrmann and Bene Neuner, GEWA introduced the final version of the GEWA G9 to European retailers in May 2020.

We are proud to announce that Eric’s main stage appearance at the UK Drum Show will be with a specially designed and stunning looking GEWA G-Series kit.


Eric Moore will be playing a GEWA G-Series Kit at the show.

Eric Moore - KIT