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Meet & Greet Meinl Artist’s at The UK Drum Show

today12 March, 2022


Meinl Cymbals return to The UK Drum Show this April, bringing a huge range of products for guests to take a closer look at. In addition to their display, Meinl have arranged an amazing and varied artist opportunity signing session on their booth starting at 2pm April Sunday 3rd, featuring the following artists, so be sure to stop by and meet some of the very best drumming and percussion talent.

Mike Johnston
Jost Nickel
Anika Nilles
Richard Spaven
Ali Richardson (Bleed From Within, Sylosis)
Ben Sharp (Yungblud)
Mike Malyan (Monuments)
Josie O’Tolle (The Hot Damn)
Richie Dittrich
Joannie LaBelle
Stu Fagan
Anna Mylee
Ellen Mayer
Jonathon Rodney
Alex Bonsor (Candid)


One of the great things about being a drummer is the opportunity to be different…to be yourself. When you listen to all the greats, they’re not like everybody else. They’re themselves. We like that.

Today it is difficult to be totally original or 100% unique, but that does not mean you must be like all the others. At MEINL we do our own thing. That’s just who we are. And we like to think you want to be who you are, too. There’s a freedom that comes with that.


So when we say MEINL is “By drummers, for drummers”, we mean it. We are also always looking to create new things for drummers and better ways to do that, so there is a lot of innovation in what we do and how we do it. As you will see on the following pages, MEINL innovations aren’t limited to just designing new cymbals. No, they extend to how those cymbals are made, the fact that we are the first to use four types of bronze and that we also offer such a wide variety of traditional and modern sounds. Of course we respect tradition, but really, the future is where we are going.


Drummers continually tell us how they become inspired by playing MEINL cymbals. They are inspired by the new sounds that they hear and feel, which at the same time hones and shapes their personal drum style. This is the biggest compliment for us, as well as the driving force behind all our activities! It encourages us to develop new sounds and to push our creativity farther forward.


Written by: The UK Drum Show

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