Vintage Room

“Online e-magazine Vintage Drums – Legendary Sounds, presented by Nick Hopkin” to be hosted at The UK Drum Show 2017.

Online publisher & vintage drum expert Nick Hopkin will appear in a dedicated vintage room at this year’s The UK Drum Show. Nick will be displaying a variety of rare and vintage drums for visitors to view and within this dedicated room for yester years, will be some of the most iconic drums from British music history.

Watch this space with further details on what will be on show this September.

Nick Hopkins MD
Gary Astridge - Beatles Historian

Ringo's Beatles Drum Era Kits

Embark on a fascinating journey to learn about the drum kits and gear that Ringo Starr used during his career with the Beatles. Discover interesting details, and facts complimented by personal stories and photos. Would you like to know where Ringo’s drum kits have been for decades and where they are today? The love and interest in the Beatles spans all generations. I’m calling on all drummers and Beatle/Ringo fans to join Gary for a fun filled, heartfelt adventure.

The World's Most Famous Snare Drum

Ringo’s first Ludwig snare drum was purchased in 1963 and immediately became his favorite. It was used on the majority of Beatles recordings and interestingly, this Oyster Black Pearl Jazz Festival model snare drum has certain characteristics that make it extremely rare. To date, there are only four other snare drums known to exist in the world with identical specifications. Learn what they are and why.