The Meinl Experience Room

The Meinl Stick and Brush Experience:

The Meinl product development team is constantly working on developing new and exciting products that suit the needs of all drummers and produce world class products that push the boundaries of sound and quality through the highest standards of engineering. 

Through this process of constant development, we decided to push the boundaries of drumsticks, multi-rods, brushes, and mallets…. Now we Introduce to you the Newly launched catalogue of Meinl Stick and Brush. 

As with our cymbals, our drumsticks are made with the same precision German engineering, which is subjected to a stringent 5 stage quality control process to insure the best possible sticks to suit every drummers personal preference. Our American Hickory and North American Maple sticks are divided into separate weight categories prior to production, and once produced they are then again weight matched to insure a near perfect pair of sticks. 

We invite you to experience our total offering of 40 models which falls under the Meinl Stick and Brush banner, within the categories of drumsticks, multi-rods, brushes, mallets and find the pair that suits you personal drumming preference. 

Meinl Sticks and Brushes
Meinl R & D Banner

The Meinl R&D Concept Cymbal Experience:

We also invite you to the Meinl R&D Concept experience room, where you will get to experience the pinnacle of Meinl’s research and development products. These R&D cymbals will consist of models that are not available to the market, and are truly one of a kind, as only one of each model is ever produced. 

Numerous of the current Signature and Artist concept Meinl cymbals were developed through this R&D process, where artists were hands-on in developing their own unique Signature Meinl sound that we all know today.   

Come and sample these never before seen or heard Meinl R&D Concept models and experience the innovation of our Hammered in Turkey and finished in Germany Meinl R&D Concept models.