Richard Jupp Artist

Richard is appearing in association with Gretsch drums, Zildjian, Vic Firth and Remo



Richard Jupp was one of the original members and songwriters of the band Elbow since its inception over 25 years ago. During that time, he enjoyed amazing success and toured worldwide on each of the 6 albums they were involved with. Elbow went on to sell a few million albums and got to see some pretty incredible things, play some amazing venues and meet some inspiring people.

Leaving the band in early 2016 was a tough decision for Jupp, however to date he continues to work with some incredibly talented writers, establishing his teaching/mentoring from his drum shed at home.

Richard also tutors at The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford and London and has a couple of side projects that will go live later this year.  ‘I get to play pretty much all day, every day and I get to see a lot more of my family!!…….’ says Jupp, which anyone touring can appreciate, family is everything.


Gretsch Broadcaster in Antique Pearl
12″ Tom. Remo Powerstroke P1 Clear Batter. Gretsch/Remo Permtone under
14″ Floor Tom. Remo Powerstroke P1 Clear Batter. Gretsch/Remo Permatone under
16″ Floor Tom. Remo Powerstroke P1 Clear Batter. Gretsch/Remo Permatone under
24″ Kick. Remo Powerstroke P4 Clear Batter. Remo Falam Slam Patch
14″ x 8″ Zizicote over Cherry Snare by dR Drums
13″ x 6″ Bubinga Snare by dR Drums

14″ Zildjian K Custom Dark Hi Hats
17″ Zildjian Kerope Crash
8″ Zildjian Trash splash
20″ Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride
18″ Zildjian Kerope Crash
14″ Zildjian K Custom Dark Hats on X-Hat
16″ Zildjian K EFX

All DW 9000

Trick Pro V 1.

Vicfirth “Jupp” Signature sticks with VicGrip

Porter and Davis Seat, Protection Racket Mats and Bags

These are all the brands I have come to know, trust and love over 25 years of playing and using on a daily basis. It’s taken me this long to get to a point where the equipment I use is a natural extension of me and as corny as it sounds, my “Happy Place”, but it’s as much about the people behind the brands, those who are now friends who understand what I need and will do their best to placate my diva tantrums!

Richard Jupp Kit