Nikki Glaspie - ARTIST

Nikki is appearing in association with Yamaha, Zildjian, Vater and Remo.

Yamaha Drums
REMO Drum Heads


Sorceress. Alchemist. Beat Conductor. Funk Philosopher. Seneshal of Style. Purveyor of Pocket. Child of God. Agent of Love.

Nikki Glaspie is among the premier drummers in music today. As a founding member of The Nth Power she’s blazing a path of light, and rolling waves of love in her wake. Nikki Glaspie has been trotting the globe behind the likes of Beyonce, Maceo Parker, Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk, GRiZ, and more. For the better part of two decades, Nikki has been in-demand, with a who’s who of the jazz/funk scene.

Nikki Glaspie is already a living legend, well before her fortieth birthday.

Remarkably, it feels as though she has merely just begun!


Yamaha Maple Absolute Customs or Recording Customs
22’ bass drums
10,12 (jazz depth toms)
16, 18 floor toms
14×7 steel snare
14×6 maple snare
4 boom cymbal stands
2 hi hat stands
2 snare stands
DW 9000 single pedal
Roc n Soc bicycle seat (non hydraulic)
Remo clear pinstripes (batter) on all toms
Remo clear diplomats (resonant) on all toms
Remo cleat powerstroke 4 on bass drum
Remo Falams II glossy on steel snare
Remo Ambassador Fiberskyn on the maple snare

Nikki Glaspie - KIT