Michael Schack Artist | The UK Drum Show

Michael is presented by Roland UK and in association with Vic Firth drum sticks.



Michael Schack is unlike any other drummer you’ve witnessed. Part drummer, part producer, part DJ, the Belgian powerhouse is best known for blending his larger than life personality with true musical innovation, delivering energetic performances from behind the kit.

Right now, you can find Michael electrifying crowds around the world with drum and bass outfit Netsky Live, as well as his solo ‘SmashUp Live’ show, which followed his former duo project SquarElectric.

Michael’s role as international V-Drums artist and demonstrator, and technical consultant for Roland Corporation, makes him a leading expert on hybrid drumming – there’s nothing he can’t teach you about electronic/acoustic drumming.

When he’s not touring or performing show-stopping clinics with Roland, Michael presents drum lessons on leading music education website Drumeo.


Roland TD-50KV V-Drums

Roland SPD-SX

Roland SPD-30

Tama acoustic drums and hardware

Meinl Acoustic cymbals

Vic Firth drum sticks

Michael Schack Kit | Photo Credit Rob Van Dalen