Michael Schack and KJ Sawka

Raising the tempo, pushing the boundaries, lifting the roof (off!)

There are great drummers that are part of the band – and then there are drummers that push the boundaries of the instrument by creating a drumming performance that’s a show in itself.

Michael Shack and KJ Sawka are the best ‘show’ drummers out there – and they’re coming together to perform at the UK Drum Show in 2019.

You will already know Michael Schack – if you’ve missed his worldwide festival and club appearances, then you will for sure have viewed the many videos of him across social media and Drumeo. As well as touring drummer to Belgian drum and bass producer Netsky, he’s also a self-titles solo ‘DJ Drummer”, recently described in the press as “a super-tight smashing drummer who fires his intoxicating beats on top of his live triggered and inventively entertaining mashup mixes”. It’s not surprising that he has won numerous awards, including E-Drummer of the year, three years in a row! A long-time Roland family artist, Michael is actively involved in product development of V-Drums and hybrid percussion as well as sampling projects, producing sounds, beats and loops with Loopmasters/ Hospital Records. This is Michael’s second performance at the UK Drum Show – the only professional drummer to make a second appearance at the show to date!

KJ Sawka has been playing drums and producing for over 28 years. He has worked extensively with artists including composer/DJ BT, Andy Summers of the Police and EDM superstar Illenium, but is perhaps best known as drummer for electronic music super-groups Pendulum and Destroid. Working out of Los Angeles, KJ is at the forefront of music production, using the latest Roland drum & percussion technology and combining with audio and visual production technology to take create breathtaking live performances.

We don’t yet know exactly what will go down when Michael Schack and KJ Sawka take to the stage, but we are sure of one thing – this will be like no other drum show performance you have ever seen. Be ready for a party.

Sevilla 04/11/2018 TamTam Drum Fest. Michael Schack
FOTO: Pepo Herrera

Michael Schack and KJ Sawka are both appearing in association with Roland V-Drums