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Marco starts to play organ at the age of 6, and then switches to drums and guitar at the same time at the age of 11. Fame strikes at the age of 19 when Marco’s reputation as an extraordinarily talented drummer and composer leads him to Munich. The first “crossover” band Freaky Fukin’ Weirdoz offer him a position as drummer in 1992, in connection with a major deal with BMG-Ariola. The Weirdoz are the originators of so-called crossover music.

The Weirdoz have a gig with Nina Hagen on the album “Mao Mak Maa” creating a fantastic cover version of Ian Dury’s hit “Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick” after which Marco was booked to play a Nina Hagen tour.

Meanwhile, Marco’s reputation as a brilliant drummer reaches worldwide attention. Prominent are his solo workshops, for example, at the Frankfurt Music Fair, PASIC in Dallas and a solo performance at the Modern Drummer Festival in Toronto, where Marco has the honor of being the first German drummer to display his talents. This performance, in the eyes of professionals and music trade magazines, catapults him into the Top Ten of the drumming world. Following Drumfest, including the Australian TUDW fest and the Montreal Drumfest in Canada, Marco produces four albums with his own band Illegal Aliens. Since then, Marco has released 14 solo albums: “The Green Mindbomb” and “Comfortably Homeless”, “Orchids”, “Broken Orange”, “Mieze”, “Contraire de la Chanson”,”HWDATK”, “A Mouth of God”, “Normalizer 2″, “Catspoon”, “Evil Smiles of Beauty/Sound of Crime” and “Symbolic Fox”, “EEPS” and “Celebration”, which are more on par with his talents as a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer. “Motor”, “Normalizer 1″, “Disarmed” and “Shining” come out in collaboration with the sound designer Mario Brinkmann.

Marco also co-produces and plays instruments on Paddy Kelly’s solo CD, which enters the charts in 2004, and plays on the double-platinum CD “Nena feat Nena”.

Marco performs and records with Paul Gilbert, Eddie Jobson, Steven Wilson, Trey Gunn, Kreator, Necrophagist, Adrian Belew, Nena, Udo Lindenberg, Mike Keneally, Andy Partridge, FFW, Gianna Nannini, The Buddy Rich Big Band and many more.

His work as an educational book author along with Rick Gratton brings out two books including the award-winning and in many magazines as #1 voted “Extreme Interdependence”. Also, one of his DVDs “Extreme Drumming” wins the polls and wins Marco a Telly Award.

He does a trio drummer tour with Terry Bozzio and Chad Wackerman in 2006. Marco plays with death metal band Necrophagist in 2007.

Marco is featured on the title page of Modern Drummer Magazine in June/July 2007 and the Brazilian MD, August issue of 2012. In August 2008, he lends his voice to the Metalocalypse episode “Snakes and Barrels”.

“Normalizer 2″ is released in 2012, a concept featuring Mike Keneally, Trey Gunn, Alex Machacek, Mario Brinkmann, John Czajkowski and Marco writing separate versions to a 51 minute drum solo.

Marco tours with metal band Kreator in 2009.

Marco tours in 2011/12 with Eddie Jobson of the band UK, Steven Wilson and with his own trio The Aristocrats featuring Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller and Marco (their debut is released 2011).

The Aristocrats’ DVD “Boing! We’ll Do It Live” as well as the Steven Wilson DVD/Blu-Ray “Get All You Deserve” are released in Fall 2012, Steve Wilson releases “The Raven that Refused to Sing” in 2013.

Marco is involved as a writer, drummer, guitar player and vocalist on the LMR project (Levin Minnemann Rudess). The debut album was released in Sept 2013 and stayed for 2 months at #1 in three different categories on and made into several best of 2013 Top 5 polls.

In 2014, Marco’s album “EEPS” is released. Also the Aristocrats are putting out their second album “Culture Clash” followed by the DVD release “Culture Clash Live”, which was filmed in 7 different cities around the world.

Marco plays on Steven Wilson’s “Hand.Cannot.Erase” album, which is released in February 2015, followed by a tour.

Marco’s album “Celebration” is released in June that same year.

He records for Joe Satriani’s album “Shockwave Supernova”, hitting the markets in the summer, which season also sees the third Aristocrats album, “Tres Caballeros”.

Both Aristocrats and Joe Satriani releases are followed by an extensive world tour 2015/2016.

In 2017 Marco releases the concept double disc package BORREGO, which can be viewed as a soundtrack to an imaginary movie about the hauntingly beautiful Anza Borrego desert. BORREGO also features JOE SATRIANI and ALEX LIFESON from the band RUSH on guitar.


DW Collectors Series

1x 24” x 18” kick drum
1x 8” rack tom
1x 10” rack tom
1x 12” rack tom
1x 16” floor tom w/legs
1x 18” floor tom w/legs
1x 22” gong drum
1x 14” x 6” DW maple snare drum
1x 13” DW maple snare drum
4x DW model 9900 double tom stand
4x DW cymbal Crm insert
4x DW model 9999 single cymbal stands
1x DW dog bone cymbal Arm
1x DW model 9500 hi-hat stand
1x DW remote short cable hat with link to cymbal stand
1x DW model 5000 single or dual chain drive, double kick drum pedal
2x DW model 9300 snare drum stand
2x DW model 9100 drum throne

Marco Minnemann