Jojo Mayer by James Cumpsty - ARTIST

Jojo is appearing in association with SONOR, Sabian, Vic Firth and Evans.

Sabian Cymbals
Vic Firth


Swiss born Jojo Mayer started playing drums at an early age and had his first public performance at 2 sitting in with his dad’s band. At age 18 he received his first international exposure when touring with Monty Alexander and backing up Jazz legends such as Dizzy Gillespie and Nina Simone.

In the early 90s he moved from Europe to NYC where he worked as a first call sideman for a wide range of artists and styles. As a leader he created his seminal work with NERVE which established him as one of the great performers and innovators on the instrument. His concepts and techniques of reverse engineering electronic drumbeats in real time on an acoustic drum set introduced a new paradigm and opened the door for an entire generation of musicians to follow.

In 2014 Modern Drummer Magazines listed him as one of the 50 Greatest Drummers of All Time.


Jojo plays SONOR Drums, Series based on the musical situation, but mostly either Vintage Series or SQ² Custom Drum System.

Jojo Mayer by James Cumpsty - ARTIST 2