Jamie Morrison Stereophonics

Jamie is appearing in association with Natal and Istanbul Agop

Natal Drums


Jamie Morrison is the multi-talented and multi-tasking drummer of the legendary Stereophonics and founding member of London’s pop sensation the Noisettes (Don’t Upset The Rhythm / Never Forget You). He is also the man behind the ethereal ‘Drewford Alabama’ project.

As a drummer, Jamie’s beats have graced the records and stages of many great artists – from Birdy to the Babyshambles, via Duffy and Bryan Adams and everything else in between.

As a writer, Jamie lends his pen to some of pop’s finest as well as some exciting new talents on the cusp of breakthrough. In between beat-mongering and pop-smithing, he can be found administering creative vibes through the Ninjas & Wolves music, fashion and art label.


Natal Original series Maple shells in Gold Sparkle finish.
22”x18 Kick
12”x10” Tom
14”x14” Floor Tom
16”x16” Floor Tom
14”x6.5” Maple Snare
Natal Hardware

Jamie Morrison KIT