Gergo Borlai - ARTIST

Gergo is appearing in association with Gretsch, DW Drums, Remo, Vic Firth and Zildjian.

Gretsch Drums
DW Drums
REMO Drum Heads
Vic Firth


Gergo is a professional drummer originally from Hungary but now living in Barcelona, Spain.

In his home country of Hungary, Gergo Borlai has appeared on more than a 300 albums, received two lifetime achievement awards and two “gold record awards,” as well as the Golden Drumstick Prize and the Artisjus Lifetime Achievement Award.

Gergo has become one of the most exciting up-and-coming drumset artists and has grown in popularity and also with his breathtaking solos. Gergo also became a clinician man all over in Europe, U.S. and Asia like Musician Institute Hollywood, South Korea, France, Sweden, Poland, South America, Spain, Germany, etc… Gergo is a professor of the Liceu Academy/Jazz Departement – Barcelona since 2012. Gergo has lesson packages for Drum Guru.

Touring: Hungary, Romania, France, Slovakia, Chez Republic, Portugese, Belgium, Finland, England, Germany, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Croatia, Netherland, Canada, Japan, Israel, South Corea, South America, Greece, Sweden, Norway, USA

Gergo performed with Gary Willis (USA), Scott Kinsey(USA), Scott Henderson(USA), Matthew Garrison(USA), Steve Tavaglione(USA), Llibert Fortune(SP), Walt Fowler(USA), Bob Mintzer(USA), Hiram Bullock(USA), L. Shankar(India), Vernon Reid(USA), Iain Ballamy(GB), Terry Bozzio(US), Al DiMeola(USA), Nguyen Lee(F), Hadrien Feraud(F), Eivind Aarset(N), Eric Moore(USA), Tim Lefebvre(USA), Yolanda Charles(GB)


Gretsch USA Custom Drums (or Brooklyn series) 

22”x14” or 22”x16” bass
12”x8” tom
13”x9” tom
14”x14” floor tom
16”x16” floor tom
18”x16” floor tom
6.5”x14” Brass or bronze snare
6.5”x14” Wood Snare

DW Hardware 9000 Series

6 x boom stand
3 x cymbal boom arm with clamps
2 x Heavy snare stand
1 x Heavy drum throne
1 x DW 9000(preferred)  or 5000 double pedal
1 x DW 9000(preferred) or 5000 Hihat stand with two legs

REMO Drumheads:

Vintage Clear Emperor for the toms (batter)
Ambassador clear for the toms (resonant)
White Suede for snares
Clear Powerstroke 3 for bass

Drum Rug

Gergo Borlai - KIT