Adam Betts Artist

Adam is appearing in association with Sabian and Vater



As a member of Brian Eno’s favourite London experimentalists Three Trapped Tigers, Adam Betts has spent years exploring the boundaries between electronic and live music, and celebrating the flaws thrown up when one tries to replicate the other.

Taking the “Drums Vs Electronics / Man Vs Machine’” idea he’s been developing behind the kit for TTT and The Heritage Orchestra. Betts is always examining with where the line meets between human performance in all its sweaty, organic, imperfect glory and the infinite sound world and alien feeling of electronic music.

With as much love for Clyde Stubblefield and Bernard Purdie as Brian Chippendale or Vinnie Paul, I’m always excited by a way to get hyped musically.


Gary Noonan fibreglass jellybean. The having a relationship with the maker of my drums is something I find to be really special, and after trying out the bass drum for this kit while Gary repaired my Tama one, I knew I needed a Noonan kit. All of his drums sound phenomenal, in the studio or onstage, and I feel Gary is a real master of his craft.

Sabian cymbals – The HHX range pretty much has every sound I want from cymbals, sitting half way between the satisfying wash of a jazz cymbal and the attack and clarity of a modern rock cymbal. My relationship with the company has been great, with Tom and Jay helping me find the right sound for every show, no matter how different.

Adam Betts Kit